Complete DISC Training is a full day training program focused around using DISC behavioural to upskill and develop your team. It is an opportunity for your team members to learn about themselves and each other, as well as ways to better communicate, lead and work as part of a team. With each of our programs we focus on outcomes, while delivering in an engaging and interactive way.


What it covers:

Session one : Extended DISC

  • Extended DISC profiling and interpretation of the report, for each delegate
  • A detailed analysis of each delegates profile including their:

Work style, personal style, and public style – particularly how they represent themselves in a variety of circumstances.

Adaptations to work: How they adapt themselves to fit a particular role.

Appetite for change: How much (or little) an individual thrives on change, and how they adapt to changing situations.

Preferences for varying types of work.

Response to pressure.

Strengths, based on the characteristics of their profile.

limitations, based on the characteristics of their profile.

Preferred communication style.

Relationship dynamics, in particular situations.

Preferred planning style.

Decision making style.


Session two : Communication and teamwork with colleagues, customers and stakeholders using DISC

  • An assessment of each profiles preferred communication styles and methods.
  • Review of the three parts of communication and how they affect the message we convey.
  • A deep dive into the four preferred communication styles and how they relate to the four DISC profiles.
  • Fostering better communication within teams, with customers and stakeholders using matching and mirroring for rapport building
  • Building rapport using DISC to increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Managing team conflict and difficult conversations through the COIN method of communication
  • Ensuring teams are made up of a good mix of profiles.

Session three : Leadership and DISC

  • An evaluation of which preferred profiles make the best leaders.
  • Extensive exploration of how to use DISC to be a dynamic leader, regardless of preferred profile.
  • Leading differing profiles with strength and understanding.
  • Choosing future leaders, based on the goal of the role and the best match DISC profile.


How it is delivered:

The course can be delivered face to face, or virtually, via Zoom


The course duration:

It is a full day in duration


The investment:

The investment is quoted on a case-by-case basis as it depends on the number of delegates, where the course is to be held (travel required) and the number of sessions. A general overview is as follows, but feel free to contact us for a customised quote.

One off session

  • Up to 12 delegates
  • One session
  • Local travel or Zoom (Intrastate or interstate travel may involve costs covering flights and accommodation where applicable)
  • Full day: $4900 plus GST

Multiple sessions

  • Up to 12 delegates
  • Multiple sessions
  • Local travel or Zoom (Intrastate or interstate travel may involve costs covering flights and accommodation where applicable)
  • Full day: $4400 plus GST per session

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