Amanda is the Founder of Unique Team Training and a leading Corporate Trainer, as well as an accredited DISC behavioural profiler.


She launched Unique Team Training in 2018, having been in the training space for 15 years, and gained her accreditation in DISC behavioural profiling in 2019.


Amanda has a passion for behavourial profiling as a way to understand each other and to improve workplace culture.


She also prides herself on her engaging training style – approachable, inclusive, clear, interactive, and outcome focused.


Amanda sees training as more than just a trainer saying stuff. When done right, it is a way to draw on the collective knowledge and life experience in the room, and empower people to be their very best. 


Amanda’s Experience

  • Facilitating DISC behavioural profiling and team training

  • Providing skills gap analysis, 360 degree of feedback and coaching to organisational management teams

  • Providing hiring advice, coaching and management services for organisations (up to 200 team members at one time)

  • Workshop facilitation and delivery of training – accredited and non-accredited

  • Instructional design (including e-learning, student manuals, facilitator guides, supplementary materials and activities to solidify learning)


Programs delivered

  • Team development – DISC 
  • Team building and skill development

  • Soft skills – communication, time management, conflict resolution etc…

  • Pre-employment induction training – Woolworths Indigenous Pre-employment Induction Training
  • E-Learning and on-boarding training for new employees
  • Leadership and management diploma
  • Leadership and management certificate 4
  • Business diploma
  • Human resources management diploma



  • Double Diploma in Human Resources Management and Business

  • DISC Accredited Behavioural Profiling

  • Training and Assessment certificate 4

  • Financial Services (Mortgage broking) Diploma

  • Bachelor of Arts (sociology and communications majors)