Detailed enough to give you thorough information. Simple enough to interpret it


Our detailed DISC report covers, an individual’s:

  • Work style, personal style, and public style – particularly how they represent themselves in a variety of circumstances.
  • Adaptations to work: How they adapt themselves to fit a particular role.
  • Appetite for change: How much (or little) an individual thrives on change, and how they adapt to changing situations.
  • Preferences for varying types of work.
  • Response to pressure.
  • Strengths, based on the characteristics of their profile.
  • limitations, based on the characteristics of their profile.
  • Preferred communication style.
  • Relationship dynamics, in particular situations.
  • Preferred planning style.
  • Decision making style.

It also provides a recommendation represented as a percentage, to different occupations.


The report provides information that can be used in the following capacities:

  • Recruitment – making sure the person is a good fit for the role. We can match an individual’s profile to that of an occupation, to see how well they fit. We are also able to demonstrate what adaptations an individual would need to make, to fit a particular role.
  • Management and coaching – the report provides information on how to best coach and manage the individual.
  • Project and change management – Ensuring the right people are in the right roles when projects are being established, and restructuring is occurring.