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Workplaces face challenges - whether it's inter-team challenges, difficult customers, high turnover or poor leadership. The fundamental reason why, is that people are different. They are different in their preferred behavioural style, the way that they communicate and their perception of the world. These unaddressed differences can mean that team members aren't getting along, customers are not being supported, the wrong people are in the wrong roles, and the organisation experiences high team turnover.

 The impact of this is time, money and stress levels - for organisations and their teams.

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The cost of replacing and re-training ONE team member is between $20,000 and $50,000 (Terra Staffing Group 2020)

The overall cost of bad customer experience is over $500 billion dollars (Text Request 2018)

Poor leadership can cost the typical company up to 7% of their total annual revenue (Leadership HQ 2020)

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Thank you Amanda for the coaching, motivation and support. You have given me the boost I needed to feel super equipped with overcoming challenges and celebrating the successes in my personal and professional development

Corrina D - Breakthru

When it comes to training look no further! Amanda is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about delivering training sessions that are effective, engaging and fun! She is a subject matter expert on DiSC behavioural profiling as well as soft skills training and really knows how to get the absolute best out of her participants. Furthermore she does this in such a fun and interactive way! I would highly recommend her! 🙂 Darren Saul - Saul Recruitment